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January 08, 2024
Always so delicious, with many options.

December 31, 2023
I found myself just wanting more from my T/O order: More flavour, more sauce, even more colour/esthetics. It wasn’t horrible, just seemed blandly resistant to ‘Wow!’
The menu offerings of Chinese and Indian AND Nepalese (were they really??) was odd, indicating perhaps, a fear of committment?
Pick a cuisine and make it extraordinary!!

December 25, 2023
The food was fantastic!!!

December 07, 2023
Excellent food!

November 30, 2023
Excellent food, portion sizes, and service.

November 12, 2023
You get lots of food. Good value for money spent so not sure what other reviewers were expecting; maybe it depends on what one orders regarding appetizers but I felt the portions were very ample. I had lots when it came to the squid appetizer and plenty of sauce and accompanying rice/ noodles with each entrée. Not usual in most restaurants.
Tasty but, despite complexity of ingredients in each dish, the overall limited scope in flavor ranges was apparent. That doesn't stop one from eating it all 🙂 . This makes it a good occasional dining choice but would get tedious if one went daily so it's something they might want to consider moving forward. A couple of greener tasting dishes as a choice on the menu would be a nice contrast to mix it up for regulars.
Even "mild" has a bit of a kick; this is a place for hot and spicy fans. I don't do "hot" but I could handle it. Just know that everything carries heat.
Fried items don't travel well when doing takeout as they tend to pack all the added wet ingredients with the dry ones in the same container, so you get a soggy appetizer. Too bad, they could fix this with better packing (they do this well with the chow meins; crispy noodles separate in to-go dishes made for a very enjoyable experience).
Nice staff. Nice place. I'd come back again. So should you.

October 12, 2023
Ordered online for pick up. Food was not quite ready upon pick up time but got it after 5-7 mins wait and that is perfectly fine. Service staff is pleasant and polite. Food is delicious! But I wish the portion was larger for the price that we pay per dish for dinner. Definitely go for lunch instead since price is slightly better and portions are the same as dinner. Nice to treat yourself once in a while but not on the weekly. Too pricey. Overall would recommend. Very tasty.

September 26, 2023
I thought the portion was very small for the price, 4 wonton noodles for 15.99 plus tip and tax almost 20.00, will definitely not go back .

September 25, 2023
It was a comedy/collection of errors.

We ordered some delivery online and received a confirmation from the website and email. Our order was over an hour late. They told us that they didn't see that the order was for delivery, so it sat for over 40 minutes before we called.
They also informed us that when the driver left, he didn't bring a debit machine with him, so he had to come back to the restaurant to retrieve the machine.
MOMO also told us they remade our order, but when it arrived, the shrimp dumplings were really cold. Aside from that the food (sweet and sour pineapple chicken) was OK but we'll never order delivery from MOMO again and Happy Noodle house is only a couple of blocks away, so the competition in the neighborhood is strong anyways.

September 19, 2023
Cauliflower breading was too heavy. Disappointing. Dumplings were lovely though.